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Meet 7 year old “Luna”

Sassy X Thomas – Oct 2014

“Cedric” moved in with Luna

Silver X Tanner 03-12-21

“Silvio” lives with Antonio, Giuseppe & Luigi

look at those eyes  like father… like son

ZsaZsa X Tanner – born 08-15-21


6 month old “Sebastian” sweet,cuddly & rules the roost!

Blue point male from Sapphire X Tanner born 04-12-21

Sophie & Isabelle are 9 months old

Chyna X Tanner born 12/31/20

4 Birthday Boys are One Year Old

Silver X Tanner born 09/23/20

Blue “Rajah” is Kim’s boy

Lilac “Fritz” is Bob’s boy

Seal “Raleigh” is Sandra’s boy

Seal “Chou” is Shelley’s boy


KASEY is a Cling-On

Blue Point female  – Silver X Tanner born 3/12/21

she escaped and fell in pool, got herself out and became a cling on

Da’Veda’s new hut for her 4th birthday

Gabby X Thomas

1½ year old “Serena” is a nice BIG Girl at 15 lbs.

Suki X Tanner Oct. 2019

6 month old Lilac “Ziggy” adjusted well to their other pets & LOVES his humans

Growing Like a Weed!

9 month old Blue female “Sassy” catching up in size with resident “Prince”

Best Friends Forever

Blue Male “Deko” 2019 & Seal Female “Zora” 2020 

Siamese Sisters

“Sophie” Seal            “Isabelle” Blue

Born on New Years Eve 2020 – Chyna X Tanner

4 year old Lilac females Maeve and Mackenzie

Thomas X Chyna 2017

RYO is 2 and known to be a loud little man with a big personality!

Suki X Tanner 2019


The Lovely 5 year old “Miu” moved to Tennessee

Sheba X Kole –  April 2016

Beautiful Lucy is 8 years old

Heidi X Thomas 2013


Fat Cats “Timber” & “Truffle” are 6 years old

Godiva X Kole – Jan. 2015

Toby & Zoey are Happy in Wisconsin

Toby from Suki X Tanner 03/03/20          Zoey from Chyna X Tanner 12/31/20

Break out the Balloons – Emma is 3

Java X Tanner 03/17/18

Blue Point “Gigi” is from Sapphire’s 1st litter

Sapphire X Tanner 8/11/20

1 yr. old “Rasputin” shopped…till he dropped!

Suki X Tanner born 3-8-20

Da’Veda fetches the dolly given to her on pickup day

Gabby X Tanner

Miles at 9 still likes a good conversation

Hannah X Thomas – Leap Day 2012

Blue Point “Prince Rajah” lives with “King Louis”

Silver X Tanner

6 month old Lilac “Indie” is all snug in his basket

Chyna X Tanner 7-13-20

6 month old Chocolate boy “MEEKO” with his bro “Fred”

ZsaZsa X Tanner born 9/25/20


Handsome Lilac “JACK” is 4 years old

Chyna X Thomas

Adventurous Lilac boys “Luca” & “Rocky”

Suki X Tanner – Oct. 2019


Say Meow to 4 month old “Chou” 

Silver X Tanner 09-23-20

Spreading Yuletide Cheer



9 year old ‘YOUYA’ asks… “Is the cupboard bare?”

Lulu X Theo 01-14-12

Blue boy “Sir Charles Lee” has more fun than you!

Sheba X Chester 06-28-19


Siblings Charlotte and McGregor

Gabby X Tanner

True Sisters but separated by 2 years

Silver X Tanner

Seal Point born 09/23/20                                 Blue Point born 11/05/18

Blue Point “Gigi” has a new buddy

“Milo” keeps an eye on the squirrels

Gabby X Tanner  07-20-17

Meet Princess Leia & Duke

This is the kitty that we have named Princess Leia from your 9/25/20 litter of Zsa Zsa. She is the cutest, quirkiest, smartest, most affectionate, sweet kitty ever. She adores her golden brother “Duke“ and loves to tease and play with him. I can’t tell you how happy and pleased we are with this little girl! Whatever you are doing, you’re doing a great job and thank you for sharing your little bundle of joy with us.

Handsome Blue point “Yuki” is 9

Heidi X Thomas 12/13/11

“Duchess” has a new buddy “Princess”

True sisters from Silver X Tanner

Blue Duchess 10-10-19         Lilac Princess 09-23-20

Chocolate Male “Juno”

Java X Tanner     Born 06-30-20

Still loves the Beanie Baby I gave him on pickup day!

Serena is One 

“playful, talker, purring cat… but does not like closed doors”

Suki X Tanner 10-15-19

party hardy “Deko” is 1 Year Old

Silver X Tanner 10-10-19

Gracie & Ruby live in Texas

Chocolate Gracie… Silver X Tanner                      Seal Ruby… Sheba X Tanner

Blue Point “IZZY Girl” is 11

Maggie X Zoey 2009

Stella is 6 years old

Gabby X Thomas 2014

Blue Point “Mars” is a gentle giant

Sheba X Tanner – born 1-6-17

Lilac sisters Maeve & Mackenzie-3 years old

Maeve is small like mom & Mackenzie bigger like dad

Chyna X Thomas  – 02/22/17

Elsa’s Dress Up Day

5 Years old

Chocolate Female – Sheba X Kole 10-12-15

6 month old Toby lives in Wisconsin

aka “Toby the Terror”

Suki X Tanner 03/08/20

4 month old “Babu” is always in the middle of it

Blue Pt. Female – Silver X Tanner 4-6-20


Soft spoken cuddler “Macy” is 8

son of Hannah X Thomas July 2012


5 year old Leah & Rachel live in North Carolina

Smurfette X Kole 8-15-15

“Wisteria” is sister to my “Sapphire”

♪ ♫ Happy 1st Birthday  ♫ ♪

Chyna X Chester – ALL Blue Points – Born August 2019

Da’Veda and her stuffed friends


😎 Handsome “Hanzo” is Two 😎

ZsaZsa X Tanner


Cat Nap practice for Mia & Luna

ZsaZsa X Tanner  11/27/19


Lilac Point “Jack” is 3

Chyna X Thomas

Lilac boys Rocky & Luca are 6 months old

Suki X Tanner – Oct 2019

6 month old Seal Point Serena

Suki X Tanner – Oct 2019

2 yr. old Blue Point “Ares”

Suki X Tanner 2018

Ryo is celebrating his 1st birthday

Suki X Tanner – April 2019

2014 Brothers from other Mothers

Blue Point=Darla X Thomas          Seal Point=Godiva X Theo

Magical Merlin

5 mo. old Seal Male from a litter of 9 – Silver X Tanner born 10/10/19

Time to Celebrate!  Miles is 8 year old!

 🙂 Born on Leap Day 2012 – so he thinks he is only 2 🙂 

Hannah X Thomas 2/29/12


Chocolate Point “Sparty” is 2 years old

Sassy X Tanner  – Dec. 2017

“We think he is a dog in a cat’s body… friendly & loves company.”



Pamela’s Blue Points are 8 years old

   “Yuki”                                           “Youya”





“Aero is super chill and loves cuddling sleeps under the covers with anyone in the house! He loves our older kitty as well!”

Jazmyn X Chester – July 2019


1st week Snuggle buddies “Delilah” & “Gabriella”

Delilah – Jazmyn X Dodge                   Gabriella – Suki X Tanner

“Stormy” & “Sneakers” are 4 months old

Blue Point Males – Sheba X Chester born 6/28/19


“Nemo” holding down the fort

just in case there is a breeze

ZsaZsa X Tanner  –  June 2019

“Indigo” waiting for Santa

sister kitten to my Sapphire (Chyna X Chester)



Luca & Rocky don’t mind being in the car

Lilac Males from Suki X Tanner

Meet brother and sister: Ronnie & Jasmine

Ronnie looks like his mom Suki … Jasmine looks like her dad Tanner

Blue Point “Remy” best buds with family cat Oliver

Java X Tanner

Chocolate male “Ryo” is 6 months old

Suki X Tanner

Happy Birthday “Macy” – 7 years old

Hannah X Thomas –  born 07/31/12


Say Meow to “Emma” – daughter of Java X Tanner

“so hyper and playful she steals the show every time we have company”

Blue Point “Shiloh” is 6 months old

Suki X Tanner 04/16/19



Iris & Violet helping with the laundry


Handsome “Hanzo” is One Year Old

ZsaZsa X Tanner 7-19-18

Da’veda is 2 and just keeps getting more Beautiful!

Gabby X Tanner


Meet 1 year old “Liam” son of ZsaZsa X Tanner

6 month old Seal Point “Poggi” is a Pin Ball Wizard

Sheba X Tanner – Dec. 2018


Teddy & Simon waiting for the cook to show up

Teddy is 7 (Heidi X Theo – 06/04/12) Simon is 4 (Hannah X Thomas – 12/11/14)


6 month old Chocolate Point “Zsa Zsa”

Silver X Tanner


Happy 3rd Bday Party

Sheba X Kole 4/10/16

 Female “MIU”


Male – “Jeordie Blue”


April Fools!  We were born 04-01-15

Sassy X Thomas

Seal Point “Delilah” gets tangled up in her work

Jazmyn X Dodge 02/12/18

Lilac Point “Jack” is 2 years old

Chyna X Tanner 2/22/17

Stella is 4 years old & the spittin’ image of my Sheba

Gabby X Thomas 2014

Bader & Ginsburg – 6 months old

Java X Tanner 09-07-19

Chocolate                Lilac   


“Baobao” moving to China

Student has graduated college & is taking her cat home with her to China

Gabby X Thomas 09-03-16

Handsome “Miles” is 7

he is one of our Leap Year litter kittens – born 2/29/12

Hannah X Thomas

Seal “Azzaro” & Blue “Azul”

 1 Year Old

Sheba X Tanner

Azzaro weighs 11.4#                      Azul weighs 14.1#

Emma is almost a year old

Java X Tanner

“a true teenager into everything and stubborn… & runs the world in our house” 


Chocolate Point “Prince” is 5 years old

Godiva X Theo 2014

 “follows my daughter everywhere and always lets us rub his big belly”

Chocolate Point “Sparty” is 1 Year Old

Sassy X Tanner  12-19-17


Seal Point “Hanzo” is Six Months Old

ZsaZsa X Tanner 7-19-18

2 year old “Clio” moved from Wisconsin to Florida

Sheba X Tanner 1-6-17


Seal Point “Liam” is 6 months old

ZsaZsa X Tanner

Chocolate Point “Simba” 

“It took about a week for the resident cat, Sebastian, to accept him and stop being mad at us…” 


blue pt. “Mei Li” is 6 months old

Jazmyn X Thomas 5/23/18

Neo is 5 years old

Godiva X Theo 8-3-18

6 month old “Emma” is spitting image of her Mama

Java X Tanner


6 month old Lilac Point “Mulligan” was born on St. Paddy’s Day 2018

Java X Tanner

Macy is 6 and is Iona’s soft-spoken shadow

Hannah X Thomas

Charlotte & McGregor watch deer snack on a Hosta plant

Maeve & Mackenzie

Lilac Twin Sisters

Chyna X Thomas












Oliver & Timmy

Smufette’s last litter

Male Lilac & Blue

The Man & His Namesake Cat

Dave & Da’veda

♪ ♫  Happy 1st Birthday  ♫ ♪


3 year old Blue Point “Blaze” is on fire for the camera!

Suki X Kole born 6-12-15

 Seal “Azzaro” & Blue “Azul”

 6 months old -Seal & Blue Point Males  – Sheba X Tanner

Azzaro weighs 7.8#                        Azul weighs 8.8#

Handsome Chocolate Point “Sparty” is 5 months old

Sassy X Tanner born 12-19-17


Willow is 6 years old

Gabby X Thomas 1st litter


Chaka is a very Active Kitty

Sassy X Tanner born 12-19-17

What a beauty!  Da’Veda is 9 months old

Gabby X Tanner  7/20/17



“Miu” is 2 years old

Spitting Image of her mom – Sheba


“Foggy” & “Echo” are a handful…

6 month old Chocolate Male & Seal Female from Java’s 1st litter

All snug in a duffel bag

 6 month old Males

Chocolate “Coco” & Blue “Vader”

Sheba X Tanner

“Miles” is 6 years old


Chyna X Thomas

4 month old Mimi waits patiently

Ava X Thomas

Olive with her Constant Companion

Ava X Thomas – Sept. 2017


Every Little Girls Dream

Male Chocolate Point  – Chyna X Tanner


“Ashton” is 6 months old & brother of my “Silver”

ZsaZsa X Thomas born July 2017


Handsome Lilac “Jack”

7 months & growing fast

Chyna X Thomas 

Meet an Angel named “Da’Veda

because Dave wanted a female named after him

Gabby X Tanner

Seal Point “Aiko” is 6 months old

the female from Smurfette’s last litter

Meet Lilac Pt. “Clark” & Seal Pt. “Louie”

Clark (Godiva X Tanner)                Louie (Gabby X Thomas)

1½ year old Lilac Male “Shelley” is named after owners favorite poet

Born 1/22/16 to Darla X  Thomas

It’s a Tough LIFE… but somebody has to do it!

Charlotte & MacGregor from Gabby X Thomas

6 months old Clio says “Look into my Eyes…”

Sheba X Tanner – born 1-6-17

During 1st appt. with new owner at Airport Veterinary Hospital, Rorey & Riley were part of a commercial movie that will be played at MJR Theaters before the movie starts. They are STARS!



Suki X Tanner born 3/16/17

3 month old Lilac Point “Jack” is fixed but it hasn’t slowed him down

Chyna X Thomas born 2/22/17


Meet Birthday Boy “JINX”

Seal Point born 5-23-16 Godiva X Kole

 He follows me everywhere around the house and is always in my business and supervising what I do. He even greets us and other guests at the door… very social! If you toss a cat nip mouse he will go grab it in his mouth and bring it right back to you.

Callie is 1 year old

 female Chocolate Point  born 5-23-16 Godiva X Kole


Gabby X Thomas

“He is leash trained and gets walked daily along with our other 2 cats in the spring, summer and fall!
He LOVES his walks!”