Katz’s History

     I started breeding in 2007 and currently have kittens living in these areas: Lower Michigan, UP Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Carolina, West Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Missouri, California and Jerusalem, Israel.  One moved to China when the owner graduated college.  All were picked up in my home.

     In 1969 I received a one year old gray cat from my aunt’s neighbor that didn’t want her because she was pregnant… it turned out that there were too many pronouns in that sentence.  I assumed that the neighbor was pregnant and no longer wanted the cat… wrong!  The gray cat was pregnant!

     So she had her kittens and we rehomed all  of them.  I took her to the vet to be spayed and was told that my gray cat was indeed a Blue Point Siamese.

     She was the best cat ever.  She loved everyone and always wanted to be in the same room as her people, and was so friendly that she would jump in a strangers lap, walk up their chest and look them in the eyes.

     She lived until late 1989 – she was 21 years old.  I still miss her.  I was never told her original name, so I called her Katz.  My cattery is named in her honor.

katz-bday-hats          katz-on-floor

     katz-is-fat      katz-walking



     Molly was my daughter’s cat when she was growing up – we could not find many Siamese near where we lived. We were told she was ¾ Siamese + ¼ Himalayan. She looked to be a Chocolate point here but she darkened as she got older.  Molly was a one person cat and pretty much preferred Sarah – always followed her around and slept with her.  She lived for 17 years.  We are trying to locate more photos of her.  

In this photo my daughter Sarah is 21, Molly is 11.


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Former Breeding Cats


Maggie was the start of the cattery.  She was a beautiful Blue Point that had Seal, Blue & Chocolate kittens.  She retired from breeding at 6 years old.

Who’s the fairest of them all?


Maggie at 3 years old


Maggie at 6 months old


Maggie at 8 weeks old


Katz Meow Suki Sweet

Born 04/23/14 Heidi X Thomas 

Seal Point

Retired November 2020

Katz Meow Queen Sheba

Seal Point

Born 03/16/14 Gabby X Thomas

Retired April 2020 –  Living the “Family Life” with Sharon

Her 1st litter of 7 kittens!

Katz Meow Ms. Jazmyn

Seal Point

Born 1/31/17 Gabby X Tanner

Living the “Lap Life” with Rick & Elizabeth Oct. 2019


Chester of Katz Meow

Living a Life of Leisure with Liz — Early Retirement June 2019

Ava of Katz Meow

Always Affectionate

Retired May 2019



My Handsome Lilac Point 

Retired 2018

8 Years Old

9 Months Old

10 Weeks Old… ALL BOY!

Siam Moon Gabriella of Katz Meow

aka “Gabby”

Retired in 2018 and is our house pet

1½ years old

12 weeks old

Katz Meow ‘Lil Bit Sassy

Gabby X Theo 10/01/13

Retired April 2018 at 4 years old – Living the “Lap Life” with Kathryn in Ann Arbor

6 weeks old

Sassy with her siblings

Snuggling with Lulu’s last kitten Luigi before he left for Laurie’s house

Sassy – 9 weeks

Sassy at 9 months old

Sassy on top of her world


Chocolate Point

Retired from breeding February 2018 & lives in Ann Arbor with Gail & Joe

Heidi X Thomas

6 years old napping in the Lazy Boy

7 weeks old with siblings

4 Months Old 


Retired from breeding June 2017 lives with a Grandma in Novi



October 2016 @ 2½ years old
Kole retired from breeding & lives with my cat-sitter Diana


Kole  6 months old


Baby Kole at 8 weeks old (born 3/4/14)



July 2016 @ 3½  years old

Darla retired from breeding & lives with Ashley in Ypsilanti


5 months old


8 weeks old (born 12/26/12)



March 2016 @ 5 years old… Hannah retired from breeding & lives the good life with Virginia in Bay City

Traditional Applehead Seal Point & daughter of Heidi X Theo from Jan. 2011 litter we kept… our 1st home-bred female.  She has a soft voice like her mama but always has an opinion.

12 weeks old


2 years old




Theo is living the GOOD LIFE in a Centennial Farm house in northwestern Michigan.






♥ BFF’s Godiva & Theo ♥


Willow is living the LAP LIFE in the same Centennial Farm house as her sire Theo in northwestern Michigan.


Willow was born to Lulu X Theo 7/7/12.

Willow is a Classic Seal Point Siamese and a sweet little soul. Willow talked to me and wanted my exclusive attention at 2 weeks old. She is a Seal Point from a Lilac mother and Seal father.

Willow & Darla




Heidi is retired from breeding & lives with my good friend Anita









3½ years old


9 weeks old


She is our “House” cat

1a-lulu a3-lulu

lulu2-024   lulu2-004


Siamese Kittens Michigan