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Once you have read my “MEOW” page and would like more info, please email inquires to:

Avoid being scammed… I do not sell kittens on Facebook or via Text

Have you read the CONTRACT?  Do you AGREE to it?  

Why do you think it is time to adopt a Siamese cat into your life?  Have you ever had a Siamese cat before?  If so – where is it now?  Who lives with you and do you have children under 5 years old?  House or apartment?  Do you have other pets?  What and how many?  Siamese cats have been known to talk until they get what they want… they crave, demand and require attention.

No Shipping – Pickup Only

Siamese Kittens are born pure white… it takes 4-5 weeks for their color to develop

As the saying goes… Buyer BEWARE!  If an ad says “can be” registered, it may not be verifiably purebred. The breeder must use a registered pair and then register the litter when it is born. Purebred kittens have purebred parents… ask to see the parent’s papers.

Our breeding cats Registration Papers are proudly framed and displayed.

I socialize, play with and love each litter of kittens & offer fair pricing for a guaranteed purebred old style Siamese.

All litters are registered with either “TCA” Traditional Cat Association and/or “ACA” American Cat Association (America’s oldest registry).



Purina Kitten Chow is available at grocery stores & pet supply

Fancy Feast Whitefish “Kitten”  available at Pet Supplies Plus and online at



Tidy Cats Clumping kitty litter